About Us

In the context of significant global upheaval, communities across Australia are mobilising to address injustice in areas including First Nations rights, climate justice, policing and mass incarceration, and economic injustices

Movements such as Voice, Treaty, Truth arising from the Uluru Statement from the Heart invite a reckoning with Australia’s colonial past and present a vision for a stronger, more united nation. ‘Movement lawyering’ provides a model through which Australian lawyers can better support these movements. It involves lawyers working to build the power of those groups by using a variety of advocacy strategies, including litigation, policy advocacy, strategic use of media and political lobbying.

Movement lawyering is underpinned by a belief that systemic change occurs through collective action led and directed by the people most affected and strives to build lasting power in historically disempowered communities.

The conference organising team comprises five lawyers who bring diverse experience in organising, community and movement lawyering. We are:

Inaugural Conference – September 2021

The conference will be held online on 24 and 25 September 2021 due to COVID-19 and associated travel restrictions.